Monday, June 1, 2009

Selling Yourself

I mentioned last week that we were going to have pro drummer Russ Miller on the show. He will still be on, but not till next week. Instead, I decided to discuss something I find important to anyone in the music industry. This week, I interview Ryan Canestro of the Home Recording Show.

As recording gear and software becomes more readily available to the masses, the lines of distinction between a home studio and a professional studio become blurred.

As is evident when you go to any Guitar Center, anything that pro studios had 10 years ago is available for not thousands, but hundreds of dollars. To this end, many musicians think that because they have some recording gear, they are recording engineers. Sometimes this may be true, but only if that gear is accompanied with knowledge of how to use it.

In todays industry, it is more important than ever to sell yourself as a musician and recording engineer. Anyone can get the same gear you have, but not everyone can have the same attitude and work ethic as you. Really selling yourself is the best way to ensure that potential clients look at the most important piece of the recording chain, YOU.

Another aspect of selling yourself is being able to do many jobs, and wear many different hats not just recording. As Ryan points out, being an engineer is part psychology, part referee, part web master, mixer, host, and numerous other things. Check out the Podcast to hear more.

Next week will be pro session and touring drummer Russ Miller.

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