Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Online Drummer is Here!

It's finally here. After spending many laborious days and nights, the new MyOnlineDrummer site is now up and running. This is a great resource for musicians, composers, and producers of all kinds to get professional, custom drum tracks for their projects. 
The process is simple, and works like this: 
  1. Record your song, could be just a rough demo or completed song
  2. Upload your song and tell me what kind of drums you want
  3. I record a drum track for your song
  4. Download the finished drums and add them to your song
People have been doing this sort of online collaboration for a few years, but now, the process is simple and streamlined, customizable, and real. That's they key, real drums. A real drummer has that special, elusive sound that even sophisticated drum machines and loops can never achieve. I can't count how many times I've heard the same Garage Band loops on numerous major artists songs, television ads, radio ads, and other media.
So get real! Drums, that is.