Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Dave Ensor Chronicles

This week has been an interesting one filled with a new project from Washington D.C. signer/songwriter Dave Ensor. Tracking for the first two songs is nearly complete. Starting with the usual foundation, drums and bass were recorded live here at the home studio. The next day, electric guitar was done. A few days later, acoustic guitar and vocals were done at Night Flight Studios.
For the drums, the overheads went through a PreSonus, kick was through a Behr T1953 tube preamp, and toms and snare went straight into the 002. Bass was done DI only. 
A nice little touch I like to put on drums is a triple parallel compression technique. One bus of drums is compressed hard, another is left uncompressed, and the other is reverbed then compresssed. Add these three together, and voila, a great drum sound. 
More will be coming on specific mix techniques as this project evolves. Stay tuned.

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